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live well from the inside out


The Season of Wellness program includes weekly emails for 12 weeks with lessons and practices that take you from feeling heavy, stuck and disconnected into a state of coherence with your most authentic and radiant self.


In addition to the weekly emails, you will have support and guidance during the program and beyond via access to a private online group where Celeste will post regular updates and videos to support your personal wellness journey.



Through a tested series of lessons and experiences:

  • Find healing through self-love practices, intuitive living and inner child meditations.
  • Realize your personal wellness goals with mindset shifts and heart-based living practices.
  • Learn how to actually live the life you have dreamed of.


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It's as simple as that! 

In this three-month program, we jumpstart your personal wellness program with support of wellness tools from Young Living.


These wellness tools support imbalances in all aspects of life including sleep, emotional wellbeing, digestion, inspiration and more. 


This coaching program is "free". The only thing you are investing in are your wellness products and yourself.


We will meet for one-on-one sessions and group sessions. And we will stay in contact as often as you like throughout the mentorship via messaging apps to continue tracking and achieving your wellness goals. 


Here's the basic rundown:

  • Month 1: Order your premium starter kit + we begin our sessions.
  • Month 2 + 3: Spend at least 100PV + we continue our sessions to help you achieve your wellness, radiance and abundance goals!

If you're ready to get started, click the Art of Radiance Mentorship button below. This button will take you to the ordering page where you will grab your Premium Starter Kit. For a walk-through of the process, check out this helpful video.


Once you have ordered your kit, you will receive and email from Celeste with details about next steps! This is when we will set up our first coaching call. You will also find a form to fill out where you will share your current health and wellness goals. 

My passion is wellness & my mission is to connect folks with their body, their mind and their soul so they can live a life of wellness from the inside out!


I envision a world that we are gracefully moving into where we all experience meaningful connections within ourselves and within our relationships to each other and to the world around us.



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