Season of Wellness

A three month online Wellness Lifestyle Mentorship program for women who are ready to embody wellness from the inside out.

A season is a period of three months. Everything on Earth goes through seasons, including you.


During the Season of Wellness, learn how to integrate wellness seamlessly into your daily life — from the inside out.


You will learn how to shed the lingering aspects of past seasons that kept running in circles and kept you from actualizing your wellness goals — been there, done that, bye now.


You will find insights, tools and the confidence you need to walk into the future with wellness at your core.



The Season of Wellness program is an online three month mentorship designed for women who feel exhausted and overwhelmed in their pursuit of health & wellness. 


These women want their wellness and they want to enjoy it, too. (Yes, you can have both!) 


These women are ready to say "Yes" to themselves and to living their life embodying optimized physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health every single day. 

The Problem: 

  • You're running on fumes and have little to no time for yourself.
  • You decide that it's just too overwhelming and stressful today to make an effort toward your wellness goals, so you say "tomorrow". But that ever elusive tomorrow never comes. That perfectly ideal time to start ticking off your wellness goals seems like it's always just around the corner.
  • That extra baggage — the old habits, the 10 pounds and the excuses — are still lingering even though it all needed to go yesterday...
  • It's been way too long since you've said YES to your own wellness.
  • And you feel alone in your struggle to become the version of yourself that you've always known you're meant to be.

OK, Now Imagine This:

  • You're in your day-to-day fueled by a natural vitality that wells up from inside you (plus a little coffee, 'cause it's the best).
  • You are connected to a group of women who are in this journey with you and who have your back.
  • You are making decisions every day out of an authentic and grounded knowing that you already have the absolute best answer within you. (Goodbye chronic stress and overwhelm!)
  • You're showing up at the gym, on your yoga mat or at the park ready for "me time" because that's where you WANT to be, not where you SHOULD be.
  • You're creating an absolute dream of a life because you know how to live aligned with your own inner guidance system every day.


The Season of Wellness program gives you three months — one season — to realign, recommit, and reconnect with that radiant part of yourself that inspires you and lifts up your loved ones. You will find that extra heaviness you've been lugging around dissolves; you will feel a resurgence of energy in your body, clarity in your mind and expansiveness in your heart and soul. 


How, you ask?


This program will guide you to take inventory of what's working and what isn't so you can learn how to create more room for wellness in your life.


With your own wellness at center stage, you will be able to show up for yourself and your loved ones; you will be prepared to live life filled with vitality and a whole lot of YES.


At the end of your Season of Wellness, you will be able to make the choices that you need to make every day to bring more vibrancy, abundance and radiance to your family, your work, your communities and most importantly, yourself.



Program Benefits:

  • Embody wellness from the inside out with cutting edge tools and techniques to align your brain with the intelligence of your body and mind.
  • Learn how to master your mindset so any goal you set for yourself becomes achievable for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to live and work within your own inner cycles so you are able to plan your life according to your energy cycles.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group where you will find motivation, inspiration, education and camaraderie to keep you focused for the whole Season and beyond!
  • Release old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you in becoming your authentic self.
  • Learn how to step into the version of you that you know you are truly meant to be.
  • Finally succeed at achieving those goals that have been put on the back burner for way too long.

How It Works:


  • Sign up to receive your introductory email. When you are ready to begin your course, click "Begin". Then each week for 12 weeks you will receive a new Season of Wellness lesson.
  • These lessons take you from feeling disconnected to connected. These lessons take you through a tested process that helps you align with wellness from the inside out.
  • You will be invited to join the online group portal for the Season of Wellness for ongoing support and connection. Each week, you can join a Live Call with Celeste for insights, meditations and inspirations.
  • Throughout the course, you are invited to set up a complimentary bonus 1:1 breakthrough call with Celeste to break through any blocks or limitations that may be arising for you during your course.


"What you have done for me has been life altering and completely changing."

 - B.M.P., 2018

"I was divinely connected to Celeste at a time of seeking for a deeper level of healing and growth in my journey. She is such a beautiful soul with so much wisdom. I've always left our sessions feeling inspired, motivated, and more connected to myself."

 - Dayka C., 2019

"My soul feels so full after speaking with you! Thank you so much for filling my cup!!"

- Kelsey S., 2018

"Over the past year I have practiced yoga with Celeste at her classes and workshops. She is a caring and encouraging teacher who makes beginners feel as comfortable as more experienced ones. But Celeste is more than just a yoga teacher to this community. She is a great listener, encourager, and life coach who is skilled at bringing people together in meaningful experiences. Her passion is to improve her community's physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has definitely improved my life in those ways, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with her."

- Susan F., 2018

"During the most emotionally difficult time I've had in my life, I knew I could always reach out to Celeste for spiritual direction. When other people would echo back my frustrations to me, and agree with me in vilifying whatever I identified to be the external source of my pain, Celeste instead just held space for my grievances and helped me find the lessons that lurked in my suffering. She always had wise reminders and advice, but only offered them when I was most receptive, never in a condescending or authoritarian manner."

- Lara H., 2018

I am thrilled to serve the folks coming together for the Season of Wellness. My passion is wellness & my mission is to connect people with their body, their mind and their soul so they can live a life of wellness from the inside out!


I envision a world that we are gracefully moving into where we all experience meaningful connections within ourselves and within our relationships to each other and to the world around us.

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