Hello! I'm Celeste Arnold. I'm a wellness advocate with a lot a space and grace for always keeping wellness fun and  lighthearted. I'm a woman who loves moving to the beat of her own drum, as nature intended. I mentor folks who are ready to kick their wellness up a notch, yet feel a bit overwhelmed with the task of starting. I coach clients online globally. I hold clients to a reasonably high standard of kick assery by teaching them how to integrate all areas of life — physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual — so they can live with more confidence and greater clarity.

I am a certified wellness lifestyle coach and mentor who inspires folks to live their lives trusting that they are showing up everyday as the best version of themselves: full of vitality, radiance and love for themselves and their communities.


After I bounced around from place to place for a decade, I had an aha! moment and retired my backpack to the attic so I could focus on grounding into a life full of health, passion and purpose.


I now mentor folks who are ready to put down their baggage and move into a life of wellness, abundance, freedom and joy.


I am the creator of the "Season of Wellness" program. A three month wellness mentorship that helps women release the heaviness of past seasons and embrace life giving practices.


I also see men and women clients one-on-one to help them achieve their wellness goals by looking at mindset shifts and self-healing practices.


I also lead classes, trainings, workshops and speak at events regularly on the power of committing to wellness.


My passion is integrating wellness into daily life & my mission is to connect folks with their body, their mind and their soul so they can be the embodiment of vitality, radiance and beauty. I envision a world where we all experience meaningful connections with ourselves, with each other and with the environments around us with wellness at our core.


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