Breaking The Sugar Habit: 5 Ways to Nix the Sugar

Celeste Arnold Sugar Detox
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They say that 80% of our fitness and wellness happens in the kitchen. Who’s they? I don’t know. But I do know that when I’m eating properly my overall wellness and ability to make good choices for myself is significantly better.


When I’m not 100%, I crave sugar.


A few years ago, as I was trying to make good choices in the kitchen I realized that I just *couldn’t* resist the stale almond croissant sitting on my kitchen counter that I brought home from the cafe down the road.


I had a visceral, felt sense realization: I finally knew what having a “sweet tooth” meant.


Some moments, I felt like I was being dragged to the kitchen by my sweet tooth. I felt pretty dang embarrassed and ashamed that I wasn’t in control of my own food choices.


This was the beginning of a three year journey; this was what eventually led me to nixing the sugar habit. I did the research and I committed to focusing on healing my relationship with sugar. I didn’t want to be at its mercy anymore.


I want to be able to have sugar when I want it, and avoid it when I don’t want it.

Now, I have exactly that!


I’m a simple gal with simple wishes.

Well, I like to think so anyway...


Five top steps that worked for me to break the sugar habit:


  1. Remove all refined sugar from the premises. I mean all of it. Even the stuff hiding in the cabinet in the secret box above the wine glasses (you know what I’m talking about…). Make it hard to get. We all know that after a long day, our decision-making processes are diminished. It’s so hard to say “No” to the sweet stuff when we’re tired. So, make this process easy on yourself by removing the temptation that you have to say “No” to. Remove all the sweet stuff for at least one week; preferably for a month.
  2. Drink more water. Water is imperative for the digestive system to digest the food we bring in. If you’re dehydrated, your organs and cells can’t function properly to absorb or move the food molecules around the body leading you feeling undernourished and craving more. Bonus — increasing water intake helps you feel full!
  3. Add in energy filled foods. Healthy fats and proteins help your body feel full. It also gives you sustained energy for a longer period of time. If you want to continue eating carbs while you nix the sugar, eat complex carbs — not the stuff that’s been stripped away of all it’s natural fibers and minerals (a.k.a. The White Stuff)
  4. Go outside! Getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D is marvelous. It helps boost serotonin levels so you won’t stress as easily and therefore, crave the sugar fix. And it helps the mitochondria in your cells generate ADP (thanks 9th grade biology) so your cells are able to produce more energy! Also, going outside is an awesome way to change your habits. Say you usually go grab a sweet snack when your afternoon lull hits. Instead go outside to get some fresh air and some Vitamin D to boost your energy levels and create a simple and tangible behavior change.
  5. Make sure you’re getting substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals to sustain your body’s systems of balance and health. If you’re craving chocolate, that could be a sign that your body is requiring more magnesium. If your gut biome is imbalanced, probiotics can work wonders to help regulate the healthy bacteria levels to reduce your sugar cravings and support healthy digestive functioning. (Do talk to your health care provider for more in depth information about any supplements you may be interested in taking.)

And, hey, make sure your supplements are high quality. If you're looking for an amazing company to get high quality, tested and vetted supplements, get in touch and I can get you the hook up.



These habits, plus good ol’ regular sleep habits and exercise are going to simplify your Sugar Rehabilitation Plan.


If you suffer from inflammation, breaking the sugar habit is top priority.


The steps are simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy...


Take it from someone who knows, it is such a journey for anyone who has hit their rock bottom. That's why now I support folks who are where I was those years ago. I offer a more in-depth program called The 10-Day Sugar Detox. It is for those of you wanting extra support in breaking the sugar habit.


Twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall — I lead The 10-Day Sugar Detox group coaching program to help you nix the sugar.


Whether you’re a slave to your sugar tooth like I was, or if you would just like some time away from sugar to reset your digestive system, this program is a perfect compliment to boost the effectiveness of your current wellness routine.


Find out more about the program here:



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