Into Ayurveda

My personal wellness journey led me here  — into Ayurveda.


The more I learn about the complexities of nutrition in the Western world of wellness, the more I lean toward the simplicity of understanding the Ayurveda offers.


I'm not the kind of gal who counts calories. I'm not the kind of person who tracks macro and micro nutrients, though I stay loosely aware. I haven't been the first to pick up the wellness trends because I view them as that, a trend.


I remember when quinoa first cam on the market in a big way. It took me about a year or two to become a believer and an avid eater.


I am a gal who cherishes simplicity. And I love feeling great. I'm noticing as time goes on that my body is accumulating experiences and toxins, and food sensitivities are developing. I'm noticing that when I do a simple cleanse, I feel a lot better: I'm able to pop out of bed in the morning, my thoughts are more coherent and I have sustainable energy to do all of the things I love like work on my business and love on my body with yoga and exercise.


So, how can I stay connected to this "cleansed-state" but still enjoy creative meals and special treats from time to time?




Specifically, a feminine-form of Ayurveda that I am learning at Shakti School with Katie Silcox and a host of esteemed guest teachers.


I started this journey into Ayurveda long ago in a very nebulous way. And since January, I have committed to deepening into the journey by learning more of the details, concepts and movements of this Science of Life.


Now, in mid-April I am feeling inspired to surrender the aspects of myself that have been resisting the full embodiment of these practices. I am ready to take it from my intellectual knowingness, which in my personal experience is quite limited.


I am bringing into the embodied form so I can have a knowing that takes root in my day-to-day reality; so I can live my life from the perspective of Ayurveda; so I can be an example to others who are looking for a way to heal their connections to their body, their mind and all of nature around.


This series of posts will be a collection of experiences and learnings inspired by Ayurveda. This space will be my notes of challenges and celebrations. This space will be my accountability to the practice of living aligned. This space will be my checkpoint as I take a deep dive into Ayurveda.

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