Art of Radiance

a three month wellness + abundance mentorship

The Art of Radiance is a lifestyle coaching mentorship for folks who are ready to align with their inner vitality — folks who are ready to live with less stress and more sparkle.


This three-month online mentorship is an affordable option full of support for folks who are ready to live within their natural integrity using tools to purify, uplift and expand their life.


My passion is to serve folks who are ready to meet their truest nature so we can co-create a world that has more vitality and more integrity.


I want to show you how to access support that allows you to live the life that you are here on earth to live — a life of freedom, abundance and bliss.


During The Art of Radiance mentorship,  we will meet online for weekly 1:1 sessions. I will guide you through a process that takes you from dullness to vibrance; from imbalance to wellness; from lack consciousness to abundance consciousness; from confusion to clarity; from stressful constriction to peaceful expansiveness.


If you are feeling lackluster; if you are feeling a lack of guidance, support and clarity, this program is perfect for you.


The Art of Radiance is a special offering that I am hosting. Because of the limited time, registration for this mentorship is only available between May and July 2019.


If you have wanted to work with me 1:1, or feel drawn to my work, now is the time to jump on this offer!


What you get:

  • Three months of online 1:1 coaching with Celeste, a Certified Wellness Coach.
  • Access to exclusive Facebook groups with more amazing support, education and wellness wisdom from folks around the globe.
  • A customizable wellness kit sent to your doorstep every month, including tools to support your specific wellness goals.

What's required to register for The Art of Radiance:

  • Sign up using the button below to join my Young Living™ wellness team.
  • Commit to meeting the required monthly product value of 100.
    • This means you're getting coaching along with the most pure and valuable wellness tools for about $100 a month!
  • Look for a Welcome Email.
    • This is when you will fill out the Wellness Form and schedule your first one-on-one session.
  • Attend our coaching sessions for guidance and support so you can learn the inner pathways to radiance and abundance.

When you register for this program, you will receive a Wellness Form to share your top wellness goals.


During our first virtual one-on-one session, we will organize a wellness plan with the perfect tools to meet your goals using the Young Living™ Product catalogue and the Life Science Publishing Desk Reference.


We will plan your monthly wellness kit for the following months by finding tools and products that will support your natural wellness.


These monthly wellness plans are completely customizable at anytime. The only requirement is that your customized kit meets the 100PV minimum (point value) to access the mentorship.


Through one-on-one and group coaching sessions, we will take a look at your relationship with abundance:

  • How do you perceive it?
  • How do you receive it?
  • How do you channel it?
  • How do you resist it?
  • How do you share it?

In the three months of mentoring, you will learn how to embody abundance so you can serve from a place of fullness and radiance.


The Art of Radiance mentorship aligns you with tools and opportunities of abundance — financial abundance, spiritual abundance, relationship abundance and most importantly, self-care and self-love abundance.

This mentorship offers you space to learn how to align with your inner radiance.


Radiance is a moving and evolving expression of divine love. One of my core desired feelings is radiance — to feel lit up about living fully, and to be an expression of divine love.


When you align with the movements of love you are able to live with the creative force of nature pouring through your cells.


This mentorship offers you space to play with these divine movements in a loving space.


My intention in holding this space is to guide you through your own experience of artfully creating a radiant life for yourself and your family.


How many times do we meet for coaching?

We will schedule weekly one-on-one sessions over the course of 3 months to take deep dives into mindset and wellness shifts. You are also welcome to contact me via messenger apps anytime!


Where are the sessions held?

All of the sessions will be held virtually. I use an app called Zoom. I will send you the meeting link when you are registered.


What if I'm already a member of another essential oils team?

You can opt to shift into the Art of Radiance mentorship, or you can take a look at my other coaching offerings if you are interested in working together outside of this container.


What if I am not ready right now to sign up for this program?

The Art of Radiance is available during the period between May and October. In October, the mentorship will be completing for all members. If you feel now is not the time for you to register for this program, please feel free to set up a time to chat with me and we can find a creative solution.


What happens after the three-month mentorship?

You are welcome to choose whether you would like to continue making orders with Young Living™. If so, we can continue working together! If not, you simply empty your monthly wellness kit cart, and you will no longer receive the products. I will be happy to walk you through this process as the mentorship comes to a close.




"I was divinely connected to Celeste at a time of seeking for a deeper level of healing and growth in my journey. She is such a beautiful soul with so much wisdom. I've always left our sessions feeling inspired, motivated, and more connected to myself."

 - Dayka C., 2019

"My soul feels so full after speaking with you! Thank you so much for filling my cup!!"

- Kelsey S., 2018

"During the most emotionally difficult time I've had in my life, I knew I could always reach out to Celeste for spiritual direction. When other people would echo back my frustrations to me, and agree with me in vilifying whatever I identified to be the external source of my pain, Celeste instead just held space for my grievances and helped me find the lessons that lurked in my suffering. She always had wise reminders and advice, but only offered them when I was most receptive, never in a condescending or authoritarian manner."

- Lara H., 2018

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