Being at Home In Your Body

I remember reading about a masterful teacher who was asked how he remained peaceful despite the constant traveling and uprootedness of his life.


He felt so deeply at home within his body, that no matter where his body was or what was happening around him, he was able to stay connected to his inner reservoir of peace.


What a dream. To be so connected — so integrated into the self — that in any circumstance, there is a feeling a peace that bubbles up from within.


Have you tasted that before? I know I have, but only just. To live in that space is one of the reasons that I practice.


When I am at home in my body, I feel connected; I feel peaceful; I feel at ease. When I am resisting, or negating the intelligent power of this body I call home, I feel disconnected and at war with myself. This is typically projected outward as a war against something or someone else. Not being at home in your body is one aspect of the roots of suffering.


Landing in your heart and fully coming into gratitude and devotion to your body vessel is a revolutionary act in today's world. We, especially women, are taught to dislike and distrust our bodies.


It is revolutionary to begin practicing self love and deep trust of the body's intelligence.


My three favorite ways to move toward being at home in my body:

  1. Practice the Self-Love Mirror Meditation each day for a week!
  2. Spend a day, or some span of time, unplanned. Ask what the body desires and follow the inspirations! This might mean taking a new route to work, or dancing, or experiencing the body in some other new way.
  3. Put down the external distractions — the phone, the computer, the noise, the food — and just feel what the body feels like. Suspending judgement or the need for anything to be different; just feel and breathe.

Simple, but not easy.


We have a million little things tugging at our attention, and many of those things are suggesting that the body — your home — is not safe.


I am here to tell you that it is. You are safe in your vessel. You can trust the intelligence of your body, and you can thrive by resting into it.

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