Living Cyclically: 3 Ways to Understand Yourself and Heal

Each time you move through an experience — say a fear — and you work to stay present and observe then choose to release the emotion, that fear or experiential trigger becomes more manageable, diminished and easier and quicker to move through.


Here, I am talking about those daily fears; the ones that keep you from going to the gym, or from talking to that cutie over there across the cafe, or sharing your work with the world.


Experiences of healing in this life are never ending and ever expanding. Each day, each month and each year present qualities that you get to look at and heal through so we can become your most radiant self.


Qualities like expansion or contraction; light or heavy; integration or dissolution; quick or slow become interesting to watch like a pendulum. These qualities come and go.


I like to look at them as opportunities to become aware within the cycles of life.


When you come across a point of suffering, this is an invitation from Life to observe the cycle you are in. In this way you can grow in your connection to yourself and the world around you.


Let's look at the three main cycles we all navigate: cycles within a day, cycles within a month and cycles within a year.


Cycles Within A Day 

Cycles within a day are easy to spot and experience because they are so acutely related to our present moment.


When you wake up, you experience certain qualities and feelings. Some folks feel alert and awake. Others, like me, feel a slowness and some resistance. Then during midday, when the sun is high most folks feel energetic and ready for lunch because the digestive fires are running hot. And at night, as the sun sets, the body prepares for sleep and experiences heaviness and restfulness.


This is a general, healthy cycle. Some folks experience different qualities and feelings based on imbalances caused by health and habits.


According to Ayurveda, the daily cycle can be described using the three doshas. Doshas are three intersectional qualities of nature that permeate all of life. These are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


In a nutshell, Vata has light, effervescent qualities.


Pitta holds fiery and sharp qualities.


And Kapha expresses as a heavier and more dull quality.


If you consider these qualities in terms of the times of day, it helps to indicate our level of wellness at this moment.


I can tell if I am imbalanced because I won't be able to keep my eyes open during the 3 p.m. lull — a Vata time of day when lightness and mobility are typical qualities.


On the other hand, if I stay up too late and try getting to sleep past 10 p.m. when the fiery Pitta qualities begin, it usually takes me a solid 30 minutes to even start to feel sleepy because my mind is intensely trying to solve all the problems of live at once while lying in bed (it hasn't worked yet so I opt to get in bed by 9:30 to skip this neurotic over analysis and overthinking pattern).

Cycles Within a Month

Within the course of a month, the cycles take a tiny bit more intention to become aware of.


The intention: Look at the moon each night. Don't just look, but experience the moon. Notice her shape. Notice her brightness. Notice her placement on the horizon. Notice how you feel inside when you connect with her.


This barren rock in our orbit controls the water on planet Earth. It is noticeable in the ocean tides. We can understand the tides if we study the cycle of the moon.


The cycle of the month in regards to the moon affects everyone because we are primarily made of water. This is known within biodynamic farming practices we well. There are times of the month to plant seeds when the water is pulled downward by the moon's cycle, and the time of the month to harvest plants when the water is pulled upward.


The root word of "month" is "moon". In human history, time was kept by the moon.


And, with a little further research, you would find that the word "moon" is also related to the word "menses".


The cycle of the month more deeply affects women. In this little blog post, I will not do it justice to describe the beauty and intricacies of the history and connections.


So for now, just understanding that the cycle of the month changes the way we can approach life. Is this a time in our life to draw inward, to pull the tides back toward our center and plant seeds? Or is this a time to stretch outwardly and meet Life full on?

You may begin to notice a shift in your connection to your inner cycles based on the phase of the moon. During different phases, currents of emotion and memories subtly move.


When you begin to understand your natural tendencies during different times, you can begin organizing your life to suit your current needs. You can also give yourself a little extra love and grace during certain times as you move through natural cycles.


This knowledge is power. When you spend time experiencing the moon, you can begin to lovingly and intelligently use the energy that arrives through its cycles to benefit you and those around you.


At the new moon, a more subtle experience is available. This is a beautiful time to look inward. To meditate and journal. To access your subconscious. To use the darkness, like a seed under the soil, to plant your intentions for this next growing season.


At the full moon, anyone working in the Emergency Room will attest to the full power of those nights. At home, you might notice a manic sort of energy. Perhaps a sleepless night. Or perhaps a heated night — this could be expressed as a passionate heat between lovers or a passionate heat as a dispute.


There is so much more information around these cycles of healing that will take a series of posts to cover. I will be expanding on each of these concepts in the future because they are so pivotal to our health and wellbeing; to our awareness and expansion.

Cycles Within A Year

The cycles within a year we all learn as children, then possibly don't think about again except in conversation about how blistering hot summer is, or how frustratingly cold winter is.


Or perhaps if we lean a bit more toward an optimists point of view, we talk about how stunning the spring is and how crisp and inviting autumn is.


The seasons each year are an invitation for us to step into subtle qualities within ourselves. According to Ayurveda, each season holds qualities similar to the time of day I mentioned earlier.


When we are in the heat of summer, Pitta season, we want to stay balanced by indulging in cooling and relaxing activities. So, we eat some cool watermelon, drink a cold smoothie and enjoy a crisp salad.


As Vata season arrives with the coming of Autumn, we want to make sure that we are settling into our roots so we don't get blown away into the movement of the season. We want to set aside time to nest, and recharge after the intensity of summer. We want to eat seasonal foods like warm apple crisp, root vegetables and start to amp up the spices to warm ourselves.


Then comes Kapha season with winter and the beginning of spring. This cool, damp and wet season is a great time to get moving to bring some heat into the body and keep the body's systems balanced.


When we align with these cycles by eating seasonally, balancing out the energy of the season by introducing some more heat provoking movement in winter, or some cooling experiences in summer, our body / mind (nervous system) is able to work its intelligence and keep us functioning at our optimal levels.

Healing as a Cyclical Experience

We have covered a lot of ground in a little bit of space.


As I mentioned above, I will be diving into each of these concepts deeper as a series.


Healing is a cyclical experience, and understanding three of the main cyclical undercurrents of our life gives context to what I am about to share:


You can expect to come across your trigger — that fear, that frustration, that worry — again and again in different forms and in different contexts until it is completely healed.


This is the cycle of nature and of Spirit.


During summer, notice if your trigger is more irritating and aggressive.


In the midst of winter, take time to retreat and optimize the seasonal qualities in your life to help you dive deep within and observe then release emotions and memories associated with old wounds.


And during the day, notice how these cycles draw up different opportunities to understand yourself more, and heal yourself more. Perhaps shifting from a late night movie, to a mid-evening walk will help calm your busy mind before bed and help you live more vibrantly throughout the week.


The opportunities for healing are endless.


It is so exciting because along the way you get to know yourself; the part of yourself that isn't wounded or irritated.


You get to connect with your True self more deeply. And you get to love all of yourself.


Work with the tools for self-healing: meditate, journal, access inner child work, practice self love meditations, take emotional responsibility (stop being the victim and blaming others for your own opportunities to heal), and grow through what you go through.


Also, ask for help from a trusted guide when you feel called to.


In my understanding of the spiritual teachings and my own intuitive knowing, living in tandem with the cyclical nature of Life is meant to help us awaken to our true essence.


This essence, beneath the stories and the experiences, doesn't need to be healed. When we become awake to this, we recognize the perfection of this trigger, this cycle and this moment.


And when we recognize this, we begin the process of transcending it. Not by avoiding it, or overcoming it, but by embracing it and integrating it into our cellular experience of Life.



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