Water is Life: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Life with Water

The brain is 73% water and even mild dehydration can cause cognitive issues.


Muscles and kidneys are 79% water.


Skin is 64% water.


Bones are 31% water.


The heart is 71% water and dehydration strains the heart.


Water lubricates the joints, flushes waste and helps the body regulate temperature.


Water is life. If you're not drinking enough clean water, your quality of life will reflect that. This means that you can use water — a gift born of our natural God-given environment — to easily upgrade all aspects of your life. Here are 5 easy ways to do just that:




Start your day with an internal shower.

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is akin to stepping into the shower each morning to bathe and cleanse your body. When you start your day with a glass of water, you are allowing the water molecules to enter into your empty belly to be absorbed and moved through your organs, essentially bathing your internal organs. Starting your day with a glass of water has a couple other notable benefits like helping your get through your daily water intake if you struggle meeting your baseline hydration as well as helping curb your appetite and avoiding overeating.


Drink room temperature water, especially when eating.

If possible, it is generally advised by holistic health practitioners to drink water 30 minutes before or after eating, not while eating. It is also suggested that drinking room temperature water helps the body hydrate more efficiently as the body doesn't have to expend extra time and energy warming the water to the body's temperature.


Over here in the United States, ice cold beverages are the norm. In different cultures around the globe, it is uncommon — and for good reason. Drinking cold water actually slows the digestive process down. So drinking cold water, especially while eating, may lead to slower digestion and perhaps digestive upset. If you do drink water while eating, only drink a small amount and make sure to keep it room temp.


To be honest, it took me a little while to transition as I had a bit of an attachment to my cold beverages. I noticed that with pure, filtered water, I don't require the cold to help me imbibe.


Filter your water.

If you don't filter water before it enters your body, your liver becomes the filter. And if you're anything like me, the last thing your liver needs is more work. Easy options include making sure your refrigerator water filter is maintained. Another great option is to buy a free standing filter like a Brita or a Berkeley filter.


There are many more options, these are just the two that stand out in my mind. I even went through a period of time going to the local health food store and filling up three and five gallon jugs with purified water. It was a little more effort on a regular basis than I can maintain with my schedule and lifestyle, so I am leaning more toward other options like the first I mentioned.


Ultimately, I would love to have a reverse osmosis feature added to my sink. This is a beautiful option, but it is also a bit more of an initial investment. Although, over time, it comes out to be more cost effective than replacing your filtering mechanism on your fridge or other filter. Plus, the reverse osmosis machine removes contaminants in water extremely thoroughly. Well worth the investment in my opinion.

Add fruit to your water.

So, we've gone over some great practices that help your body stay healthy and hydrated. In moments when your mind is a little bored of water, or seeking something more indulgent, I encourage folks to add a little fruit like lemon, lime, strawberry or raspberry to their water. You could even opt for slices of cucumber or a few fresh leaves of basil to make it interesting.


This is especially helpful for those folks who are overcoming an addiction to sugary soda drinks. The added flavor and bit of sweetness from the fruit can help satiate the cravings.

Drink half your body weight in ounces daily.

And a final note on how to upgrade your life with water: drink half your body weight in ounces of room temperature, purified water daily.


You can start your day off on their right foot by using tip number one. Sometimes I drink an entire bottle of water in the morning and I am one third of the way there. If you drink diuretics or dehydrating drinks like coffee, tea or sodas throughout the day, make sure to increase your water intake to account for the loss of hydration. Your cells will thank you. 


I encourage you to get involved in a little self experimentation. Invest in a water bottle that you love. Find out how many refills of your bottle you will need  daily (your current body weight / 2 = recommended ounces of water daily). If you drink a diuretic or a dehydrating drink, remember to drink extra water to account for that loss.


Drink your daily recommended amount for two weeks and take note of how you feel. At first, you will want to visit the restroom more regularly. Once your body adjusts, you may notice you feel more energetic, clear headed and comfortable in your body. You might even find that your bowel movements are more regular and comfortable.


It's amazing what a little adjustment in our daily routine can set in motion. I hope you'll take the challenge for a couple weeks and start upgrading your life today.


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