Wellness 360: A Complete Look at Wellness

When you think of wellness, what comes to mind first? It will be different for different people. It will be different for you today than it was a decade ago, or maybe even 2 weeks ago!


It's important to look closely at each area of wellness in our lives. Some are external aspects of wellness — things that manifest outside of ourselves that we can readily see: the food we're eating, our exercise routine, how much sleep we're getting, how many bottles of water we fill up each day, the amount of sunshine we're getting or the quality of the air we're breathing.


Other aspects of wellness are more internal. At IAWP, the International Association of Wellness Professionals, we describe these more internal aspects of wellness our "Core Foods". These are: spirituality, finances, mindset, purpose, career and relationships.


When these "Core Foods" are imbalanced, it may not be immediately perceptible in your choices day to day, but the impact transcends the one category and can impact your entire life.


On the flipside, when we recognize where our imbalance lies in our "Core Foods" of wellness, we are able to impact multiple areas of wellness just by balancing the one aspect.


For instance, if you are struggling with Mindset, perhaps this is manifesting as an inability to commit to a regular routine that incorporates proper nourishment, hydration and exercise and in response to this, your sleep is suffering so you wake up tired and in a reactive state of mind, versus a mindul and responsive state of mind. You can see how this could quickly spiral out of control.


So, looking at Mindset helps to create a more positive outlook and be more receptive to change. Then you can start to look at your relationship with nourishing foods more openly and lovingly. And perhaps work mindfully to create more space in life to incorporate the exercise schedule, which all culminates in better sleep and an even better mental environment over time.

Celeste Arnold Wellness Coach

The wheel is a beautiful representation of how integral each aspect of wellness is to our total wellness. Without proper sleep, our body, our mind and our connection to our soul is a little bit wobbly.


We want to work to create balance within each of these aspects so we can roll forward through life without getting caught on every little pebble or pothole that comes along our path.


With this complete look at wellness, you can start to recognize which aspects of wellness are healthy and vital in your life right now — give yourself credit and celebrate these aspects of wellness that you are already embodying! Then start to take a look at which aspects could be requiring some more love and attention right now.


As time goes on, our life circumstances evolve. So we might require a little more movement, or a little more intimacy and connection in our relationships. It is a natural and beautiful part of life to be in the flow. Embrace your wellness and discover what your body, mind and soul require more of now!

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