Chakra Series: The Crown



The thousand petaled lotus.


Our connection and direct link to the divine is through our crown. This connection is the gateway to the ultimate knowing, the Unity Consciousness, and the Truth of Oneness.


We each have a direct connection to the divine. God. Source. Universe. All That Is. Pure Divine Essence.


Through our crown, we are able to align and become a conduit for divine will. When we are living from this space of connection and alignment with divine will, there is no thing that can stop us from fulfilling our divine mission here on Earth.


In they physical body, the brain and the central nervous system are correlated with the crown chakra. In the brain, the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus are linked with the crown chakra. These elements of the brain regulate our endocrine system. When our crown chakra is healthy and balanced, our body's systems are healthy and balanced.


When we are excessively open in our crown, we may feel disoriented, ungrounded, spacey or distracted. We may experience an inability to take care of basic needs such as holding a job, eating nourishing foods, sleeping or socializing. We can have an excessive fascination or obsession with the nondual reality that pulls us away from our dualistic, human experience. We may find that it is difficult to connect with people who we are meant to serve because we are overly sensitive, or distracted. 



When we are experiencing an blocked crown, it is easy to become skeptical, critical or completely disconnected from divinity and ultimately, our selves. We may feel a pervading sense of separation from our self and our environment. We may feel disinterested, depressed, lonely, or insignificant. Physical symptoms include regular migranes or tension headaches. 


To balance Sahasrara, meditate. Become a conduit for the diamond white light pouring into your crown from pure consciousness. Breathe. Relax. And meditate.


As with all of the chakra work we do, we are seeking balance between extremes to find our own personal and unique alignment to live fully and achieve our divine mission Here on Earth Now. When we connect to the subtle energetics at work along the central channel that radiate outward through our primary chakras and out into our field of experience, we are able to observe and understand how to live a more fulfilling life. 


If you have questions, or would like to work together to go deeper into practices, contact me any time.


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