Chakra Series: The Third Eye



Literally translates from Sanskrit to English as "command" or "perceiving".


This is the sixth chakra and commands our experience of the unseen realms. You may have heard of the third eye. It is mentioned in religious texts and is explored deeply in many spiritual texts. In some traditions, this is the seat of our consciousness.


When we have a balanced experience of the third eye chakra, we are able to be connected to our guidance, our inner voice and our inner vision while remaining grounded in our day to day mundane experience of life. We can perceive life from a higher perspective of oneness and interconnectivity while still remaining consciously connected to the ground level grind.


A balanced ajna chakra makes for quite a lovely life experience. You understand how to take things in stride and to follow your intuition. Also, when this chakra is online and balanced, we can go so much deeper into the layers of all of the other main chakras.


The third eye rests at the eyebrow center. In the physical body, this energy center is associated with our pituitary gland, which regulate the body's biorhythms such as being asleep, dreaming or being awake. This gland and the energy center are both related to light (think "enlightenment").


On physical, psychological and spiritual levels, the third eye relates to vision, intuition, perception of subtleties (movements and energy), connection to inner wisdom and insight. When our third eye chakra is imbalanced, we find that these experiences are either nonexistent or are overriding our normal experience of day to day life.


If the ajna chakra is excessive, it is important to ground ourselves. Walk barefoot on the earth, eat grounding foods (root vegetables, naturally red fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds), take salt baths, practice strong standing yoga postures, practice alternate nostril breathing). If you feel like you are spending more time in your fantasies than in reality, this may be you.


If the third eye chakra is deficient or blocked, you may not have read this far because spiritual experiences are not especially common or interesting in your experience! If you are reading and you think you may be blocked, here are some symptoms to look out for: migraines, sinusitis, poor vision, delusions, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, unable to find purpose or a clear vision in your life and realize it.


Blockages can be caused by physical factors such as calcification of the pineal gland. I'll let you read more about that here. It can also be a symptom of an overactive ego. The ego mind is the day to day, safety consciousness that is so helpful at times. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we require the ego to be in balance with our intuition and higher consciousness.


To open the third eye, try one or more of these that resonate with you:

  • fully embrace compassion and forgiveness
  • meditate regularly
  • sun gaze (at sunrise or sunset)
  • use aromatherapy for support (frankincense, juniper, sandalwood, vetiver)

Take compassionate command of your life. Learn how to live in the flow with practices that support the foundational energetic system of the body.


Our energetic health directly impacts our emotional and physical health. If you are interested to go deeper into practices and would like more help in exploring your own energetic body, feel free to contact me to discuss ways that we can work together!


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