Chakra Series: The Throat



This Sanskrit word translates to English: "especially pure".


What poetic imagery.


Our throat chakra is a strong creative space in our energetic body. When healthy, we experience pure expression of Self, conscious communication and a powerful connection between our physical and spiritual reality.


The throat chakra can be blocked because of traumas to the physical body or to the emotional body. How many folks do you think can relate to being told to be quiet as a kid? Or to speak up and not be shy on the flip side? These seemingly normal experiences can cause our throat chakra to be blocked so that it's difficult to express yourself or speak your truth.


Too much openness in the throat chakra can be expressed as verbally vomiting: talking too much and not listening. We may also notice a tendency to be critical, lie or manipulate. 


As we learn where we fall along the spectrum from too open or too closed, we want to remain non jugemental and non attached to that understanding. When we understand where we are, we can cultivate practices in our daily lives to become more balanced over time.


As we practice and one energy center is shifted, we will notice our practices will also shift. For example, if the throat chakra is blocked and it is difficult to express ideas, we may practice chanting or toning. As we become more balanced in the throat, our attention may move to another chakra that is now the important energy center to balance in tandem with the shifted throat chakra.


It becomes a dance of awareness so that we are consistently checking in with our energy and adjusting our practices to serve our body, mind and soul.


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