Chakra Series: The Heart



The Sanskrit word Anahata translates to mean: the unstruck sound.


What is the striking force that beats your heart? What beats your heart, which gives you life and animation in this third dimension?


In many spiritual references, this force is Love. Unconditional love. Divine love.


Love is the beginning and end of our spiritual awareness and awakening. As we harness the energy of love, we begin to see just how powerful it is. When we speak, act and create from a place of Love, our reality can shift completely.


When we are blocked in our heart center, we may feel cold or distant. We may sense that the world is a place to be feared and not trusted. We may also suffer from physical ailments of the heart, which are all too common in the western world today.


When we are too open in the heart center, we may find ourselves getting hurt again and again. We don't have proper boundaries set up to keep ourselves protected from experiences that can bring us heartbreak or pain.


We must find balance. If we are empathic and naturally very open in our hearts, we need appropriate and healthy boundaries. If we are naturally distant or fearful, perhaps we could use some opening up and vulnerability.


We want to find balance for our own sake as well as for the sake of others. So that we can live a life guided by our hearts; so that we can live a life of Love and bliss for ourselves and for our broader communities.


Anahata is a deep space. We will spend our lives exploring and integrating the power of the Heart. It is such a gift to tap into the infinite well of Love that is available to each and every one of us. I hope you will join me in my upcoming workshop on the Heart Chakra. For more information, check out my events page.

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