Chakra Series: The Solar Plexus



Manipura translates to mean "jewel city" or "place of gems".


Located along the spine at a height just at the navel and radiating to the spaces above and below.


This space holds profound energy and power. It is our center of self esteem and self respect. The energy center governs uddiyana bandha and the space of the solar plexus.


Uddiyana bandha is an internal lock just below the navel that allows us to stick that handstand and to draw energy and power into the core of the body.


The solar plexus is the seat of our fight or flight response when we're tapped into our sympathetic nervous system. Think butterflies in your belly.


With a consistent yoga practice and balanced diet, we can teach our physical body, emotional body and energetic body how to be tapped into our parasympathetic nervous system, which is considered the "rest and digest" response. When we are living with a balanced solar plexus chakra, often we feel powerful in a calm way, like the power of an ocean current.


An imbalanced Manipura may be caused by a block. This leads us to feel a sense of powerlessness, a victimhood to circumstances or a disinterest in life. We can feel like we are living completely out of control lives so we want to hide under the covers and often severely limit ourselves. With a blocked solar plexus chakra, this energetic center expresses as a slow trickling creek, but inside often feels like a dam of water that is ready to explode forward at any moment.


Moving out of this space and into a more balanced state in a healing way is so deeply transformative. It is such a weight lifted off and an overall joyful and empowering experience.


Alternatively, an overly active solar plexus chakra can lead to feelings of intensity, anxiety,  perhaps excessive pride or even aggression. We may feel like our lives are out of control and we're going 100mph. From this space we are more likely to experience reactivity to our environments rather than feel the ability to consciously choose our responses.


If any of this sounds like you, believe me and the countless others who have done the self inquiry and put the effort forth: you can live your life consciously and intentionally with appropriate responses and a healthy inner sense of personal power.


I can't wait to go deeper into the information and wisdom that this energetic center holds during the next installment of the Chakra Series workshops. Contact me for more information!

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