Chakra Series: The Sacrum



This Sanskrit word translates to English to mean "the dwelling place of the self."


When we feel our true nature in creative expression forms like writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing or playing music we are tapping in to the power of the sacral chakra.


When our sacral chakra is balanced, we feel creative, we feel sensual, we feel a sense of well being and abundance.


When we are constricted in our sacral chakra, we may experience a disconnection from self; we may experience a numbness, disinterest or rigidity in creative expression. 


The health of the sacral chakra effects our ability to tap into our personal creative power, which is so necessary in a world that requires so much creative problem solving to move toward a future that reflects our deepest divinely aligned desires. The health of the sacral chakra also effects our life giving abilities.


This energetic center is located at the level of the sacrum, one of three floating bones in our bodies. As you can imagine, having floating bones that support the structure of our bodies can allow for a beautiful range of motion and flexibility, but it can also cause dis-ease.


When we experience imbalance in our sacral chakra and the sacral area, we may experience physical pain in the lower back, in the hips or even in the organs of the lower body such as the bladder or our reproductive organs. 


When we work with the mind, the body and the emotions in a supportive way, we find we are able to shift long held patterns of behavior and belief. It is a beautiful process of releasing who we are not to become who we are.


I look forward to mindfully exploring the sacral chakra with the community next week at Main Street Gym in Pittsburg. We will incorporate yoga, meditation and aromatherapy to experience and balance our second chakra: svadhisthana.


We will mindfully explore the energy centers of the body during our yoga practice. Then, without judgement, without fixing or changing anything at all, we enter an witnessing meditation. Where are we now? What is coming up now? From here, we can implement healing practices such as aromatherapy to recalibrate and balance our energetic body.


To find out how to attend this workshop or any in the Chakra Series, check out the events page.

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