Chakra Series: The Root

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This word literally translates from sanskrit to english as "root support".


How supported do you feel in your life? How sure is your footing as you take steps into your future?


The health of our muladhara chakra effects the health of our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. These five bodies are the koshas. I refer to them a lot in my personal work as a basis for health and wellness. Perhaps in a future post I will go deeper into these bodies that make up our experience as human beings.


Getting back to muladhara. The energetic center characterized with the feeling of groundedness and stability. It is located at the base of our spine. When our root is healthy, we are in a state of thriving (versus surviving).


If our energetic root is unstable, or unbalanced, we may sense that we are constantly in survival mode. This constant state of fear will deplete us of energy, create a mistrusting environment within us and around us, bring anxiety around abandonment or not being accepted into the community (tribe), and lead to a lack of confidence or even addiction. 


The root correlates to our earliest stages of development (birth to 2 years old). When we experience trauma, as all of us do to some extent, we create energetic patterns to keep ourselves safe. These patterns can exist for our entire lifetime if we are unaware of how the body stores information. 


These patterns can show up in any of the five koshas, and are often interrelated between the koshas and between other chakra centers.


Physical Body

  •  intestinal issues
  • issues with feet, legs or hips
  • eating disorders
  • lower back pain
  • material fixation (i.e. shopping impulsively to accumulate more "stuff")

Emotional Body

  • anxiety or fear especially around times of change
  • eating disorders

Mental Body

  • poor focus or discipline
  • chronic disorganization

Energetic Body

  • being disconnected from your body
  • inability to settle or perhaps on the flipside, overly sluggish
  • financial difficulties

Spiritual Body

  •  feeling spiritually empty or confused
  • facing abandonment fears when considering personal spiritual journeys

balancing is healing

Once we understand what imbalances exist in our bodies, we can work with them to create a balanced environment for healing to naturally occur.


Through practicing yoga, insight meditation, consistent mindfulness and actually standing on the earth with bare feet we can bring our bodies into alignment and bring balance to the Muladhara Chakra. There are crystals that energetically attune the root chakra. There is sound healing for balancing the root. There are foods you can eat (look for red foods). There are scents you can anoint yourself with. So much fun to be had in balancing and healing and becoming!


These practices will bring support and security into your life so that you can blossom into the epic human you are here on earth to become!


I am offering a more in depth experiential exploration of the root chakra in the first session of the chakra series. I am so excited to be introducing these concepts to my community in the coming months!

"whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will someday become a reality."  -- earl nightingale

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