The Practical Art of Shopping

This post is a series of questions I have asked myself and encourage everyone who participates in capitalism to ask themselves.


Why do we choose to shop?

Where do we choose to shop?

When do we shop?

What do we shop for?

Who does shopping affect?


How do we shop in alignment with our values and the natural universal order?

It depends what matters most to you. So, what does matter to you most? 

For me, the earth is what matters most to me. Human rights matters to me. Health and wellness matters to me.


We do our best. Even then we are never perfect.

What are we willing compromise or give up from our current shopping practice that will allow us to do our best?

How much effort are we willing to exert to do our best?


Plastic free seems impossible where I currently live because of limited seasonal farmers markets and no plastic free bulk food options.

Completely plant based eating is incredibly difficult where I currently live. I do my best. For my body and for the earth.


Aside from food, most of what I buy includes cosmetic products and clothing.

I could do better in these departments by buying from small local businesses that create natural cosmetic products, or shopping for fair trade organic clothing online.


This short post is a reminder to me and to you: use your awareness when shopping. Let it be an art and practice that allows you to create the life that you were born to create.



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