I find support in my relationships.


I am in relationship with creativity, in relationships with close friends and in relationship to the natural world around me and in relationship with my Self (higher self, inner child and present self).


Often when I feel unsupported, it's because I've lost a sense of relationship. So what do I do?


When I feel I have no ground underneath me to stand on; when I feel like I am sinking into a deep darkness, what do I do?


Sometimes I sink. Eventually I find the bottom and start to climb myself back out.


Then I begin the journey of proving to myself that I am supported. By going into a natural expanse and sensing the interconnectedness of all of Life; by calling or having a meaningful chat with a friend; by playing guitar badly and singing whatever is on my mind.


Now, I am learning how to catch myself before I hit the bottom.


I can catch myself by actively sensing my relationship to Life around me. I am still in the process of learning. When I have grasped this more clearly, I will share more. Stay tuned.


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