Intentions Across Time


It passes. It's spent.

It dilates and contracts.


Where does it go?

Where does it come from?

What do we do with it?


I've spent the last 7 months, passed more than 200 days, and admired seven moon cycles in the Southern Hemisphere.


I arrived in New Zealand on New Years Day marking the start of a new year and a new adventure. Now I'm in Australia resting my spirit, preparing for the next part of this adventure we call Life.


Seven months. That's lots of time for exploring new territory - internally and externally. 


I'm looking back at my journals and spending time replaying memories. It's as if I'm grieving time. Is this normal?


In my  journals I've made notes about cornerstone memories and each month I designate a page to setting intentions, usually on or near a new moon. As the moon begins to enter a time of expansion, we have the opportunity to grow if we set our mind on opening to the expansive nature of our selves and make intentions that will bring us closer to reaching our potential.


I'm collating my new moon intentions here to use as a map of my internal journey. This internal journey is the pilgrimage I'm on. I realize now that it doesn't matter where in the world I am or how many days, months or years have passed, I will always be pioneering my internal landscape.

my intentions

:: January ::

I adventure tirelessly. I sing out confidently. I learn yoga and Ayurvedic sciences. I heal the connection between my physical, emotional and energetic aspects. I find true love in all that I do. I write to educate.


:: February ::

I flow within the forms that are manifested in my life. I listen to myself and I practice right speech with love and kindness. I sing.


:: March ::

I know the ways I need to be taken care of. I am committed to my self. I ask for what I need. My memory is impeccable. My practice permeates each experience. I share openly. I write for public audiences. I play music with my friends & family. I am receptive.


:: April :: 

I acquire (instead of consume). I create everyday. I rise early for practice. My mass is minimal. I do what I say I will. I create zero waste. I publish my writing. I have a fulfilling job. I feel all of my emotions and am able to use them as positive energy. I am compassionate of others. I am satisfied with my relationships. My spiritual body is nourished. I express my spirituality in a welcoming & approachable way. I fulfill my potential everyday. I make conscious decisions for my self and the earth. I offer gifts of attention, love & nourishment.


:: May ::

I speak & sing in an open mic. I commit to ashtanga. I live in a communal home near the city where I can easily access work, practice and friends houses. I make true friends. I get an awesome job so I am able to support myself and thrive. I plant plants and am surrounded by greenery.


:: June :: 

I simplify beautifully. I play guitar & sing. Write. I have a supportive job. I take a photography course or workshop. I overcome memorization block. I get out of bed when I wake up. I feel & am beautiful. I learn about my boundaries and others boundaries and respect them. I practice at the ashtanga studio. I continue slowing down.


:: July ::

I develop my capacity to think critically. I play music and sing. I journal ideas, dreams and thoughts. I grow food. I cycle mainly. I explore concepts of partnership.

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