Oranges in Berkeley


During a weekend trip to visit a friend in Berkeley I noticed oranges popping up all over the place. As I walked through my friend's backyard garden I was struck by a giant persimmon tree dripping ripe fruit.  First thought: What can I make with this magical winter fruit?



Winter Persimmon Salad

2 persimmons sliced thinly with a serrated knife then diced

a bit of olive oil & juice half a lemon drizzled onto fruit

chopped parsley

dash of salt

arils of half a pomegranate

chopped nuts (hazelnuts were divine!)



As the weekend unfolded, I planned a bike ride to Tilden Park and landed at the botanical gardens for the afternoon. Orange leaves on trees, orange polka dots on cacti.


On the ride down the hill, I caught a deep sunset over the bay the colors of plum and rusty orange (not pictured because biking and photography are a dangerous combo).


Orange is a color representative of the sacral chakra just below the navel. It is said to correlate with our gut instincts, or our Wisdom. When we let go of control and expectation around how an experience 'should' unfold, we are led by our Wisdom.



A personal reflection on the last weekend of November 2015...


I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to explore the cuteness that is Berkeley, to navigate a new human connection & for these little orange reminders that kept me aware of the wisdom I carry with me along this path.

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