What is Poverty Consciousness?

Do you ever catch yourself saying, "Man, I don't have any food," when obviously there is food in your kitchen?

What about things like...
"I didn't get enough sleep last night."
"I don't have anything to wear."
"I wish there were more time in the day."
"This  >noun<  isn't good enough."

Yeah? Me too.
Welcome to Poverty Consciousness. A state of mind that is borne of a culture of excess; a place where more is better, so you never have quite enough.

We live in a time where we are constantly reminded that we can always have more. If you work more, you can have more exquisite meals, more global adventures, more clothes, more social caliber. So the question is, how does "more" serve us?

In comes desire. The concept of desire, while not inherently negative, does have the tendency to distract us from a balanced and tranquil state of mind if we're grasping for "more" to fill an impoverished void.

Our state of mind directly correlates to the way we experience the world. When we experience the world from a balanced, or Sattvic state, we feel calmly connected to the present moment. When we experience the world feeling a passionate desire to have more, we are simultaneously working to eradicate a perpetual fear of not having enough. When we live out of fear of not having enough, we see greed (popularly known as hoarding) rather than communal sharing, and we feel competitive instead of collaborative or supportive.

To shift our consciousness, we first have to notice and question our current state of mind. Next time you think or say a phrase that reminds you of Poverty Consciousness, take a moment and notice. Do you really have no food? Do you really have no time?

If the answer is something like, "Oh, I have plenty. In fact, that's all that there is," notice as your body becomes less tense, how your mind is able to find space to look at the desire for a moment. You may ask questions like: Why do I feel like I don't have enough? What do I have already that I could appreciate or be grateful for? How does my language support my feelings of desire? What actions arise because of my feelings?

For our planet and our collective state of mind, I challenge you to shift your awareness to see that there is plenty; we have enough already.

Affirmations to work with poverty consciousness: 

This life is abundant. 

I am enough. 

I am supported. 

I am content.

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