Revisiting Siddhartha

Do you ever feel compelled to pick up a novel again? I don't usually. I like to think of my brain as a storehouse of information that. Whether I can clearly recall the story, characters and themes or if only the essence stays with me, I trust that reading a novel once will be enough.


Siddhartha by Herman Hesse is the first novel I've been compelled to reread. The first time reading, I was in the drudges of university and was beginning my journey into the realm of Eastern Wisdom and Buddhism. It is a sweet and inspiring story. Thanks to my friends who suggested I read it! Now, coming back to the story with a deeper understanding of Buddhist concepts such as the Middle Path, Samsara and even the practice of Self discovery and reflection via meditation is fantastic.


Whether you have an interest in Buddhism or you simply want a warm and fuzzy story to read before bed, this gem of a novel is a must (re)read.

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